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1. I have successfully linked three days together of "runs". And I have alot of people to thank...

I would like to thank [ profile] ames1010 who always inspires me with her goals and achievments

Eric, who dared to wear those blue stretchy pants running and made me feel so much better about putting on skin tight lycra.

The Killers, Rhianna, Nickelback, Mumford &Sons, Gaga, Britney Spears, Adam Lambert, Brand New, Katy Perry, & Wham! fucking awesome playlist you!!! Except for how I get distracted during Teenage Dream and it leads me to dirty dancing with a patch of milkweed that I pretend is Jensen (and then I write fic in my head where Jared is a monarch butterfly in love with caterpillar Jensen who then goes into a chrysalis and Jared stays by his side pining and in love until he emerges with the most beautiful spots EVER!!!)

Dean Winchester whose voice I hear in my head yelling at me when I slow down and threatening not to take me on the next hunt if I can't keep up....hey, whatever works.

and my girl♥ [ profile] big_heart_june who I would "like to have the sex with" *wink* ...stamina needed

2. My sweet wifey has an upcoming birthday. She asked for more sperm. Sadly try #3 was not the third time's a charm...alas try #4 must have some kind of catchy slogan right. Other than "Try #4 FUCKING WORK ALREADY, I DON'T HAVE SPERM SHOOTING OUT OF MY, well, ANYTHING! COME ON!!" ...So I'm making her a quilt...thank you [ profile] ephermeralk, I am going to bleach out/tie dye this giant piece of green fabric I have come across and machine quilt big ferns on it and then do some really tight small quilting on the rest to pop the ferns. Hopefully cool and cost effective as I have everything I need right here. And of all the quilts I have made and there have been dozens, none of them live in my house. It will be a great surprise.

3. Someone has to be last right? There is no shame in last, I mean "save the best for last", fuck. Looks like I will be last tagged in artpaperscissors...well, the good part is I don't need to think of a prompt for my tag off. But it's like *sob* no one picks me, I suck.


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