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My photo op dreams come true!!! That's why!

I want those acrobatic mice spelling out Jensen's name, I want balloons, confetti,a marching band (cause I love a trombone) and a goddamn tickertape parade. Overboard?

It took me 3 ebay auctions, weeks of stress and unrequited longing, converting dollars to euros, grovelling for $$$, and panic, did I say panic, as my internet service (stupid roadrunner) goes down with 6 min left, and thank god I wrote the # down cause it was a private auction and I quickly sent it to my besty on facebook, and then she called me, and I was yelling into the phone like a crazy person, (and I was starting to remember the days my Mother spent in line trying to get me a cabbage patch kid (thanks Mom)).

But with 3 seconds to go, I outbid with an absolute obscene amount of $ and then followed was the moment of Zen while I waited on the line for confirmation, that yes, we had it.... and I'm not proud cause that could be fixing my truck's emergency brake or buying propane but I had to get my hands on that man.

I am dazed and ecstatic! And counting down the days til VanCon.


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