Jan. 9th, 2013

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Thank you EVERYONE for their help in choosing my ring. Even tho I ended up NOT going with a blue diamond, it was 
helpful to see that everyone responded to the classic traditional look. I always struggle finding that balance between
the quirky weird side of myself and the side that likes farmhouses and antiques furniture. 

This is my ring! It's a Maine green tourmaline (pear shaped) flanked with diamonds and I got a matching diamond wedding band.
There's plenty of sparkle, it's of course a nod to my now home state that I love, it's nontraditional in that it's green....like both
Wendy and Dean's eyes. I really love it. My camera doesn't do it justice....but.....

meesasometimes: (cheeze it Dean)
They wore matching suits!!!!!

They were so adorable standing out there just basking, I loved seeing them up there.

Jared looked SO nervous,not at all like him....and then smiling at their wives.

now the wait  for Jensen's category *fingers crossed*

Chris Colfer just said he was honored to be featured in fanfiction during his speech,I♥that.


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