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Decided to do the [ profile] quicky_bang and was paired up with [ profile] wetsammy to do a banner for her story Cracked Cement Pond. Could not have been happier!!!!!!

Cracked Cement Pond [1,639 words, Wincest, preseries, exhibitionism, fingering, anal sex, possessive Dean]
Dean stood with his hands on his hips at the side of the cracked cement pond that passed for a pool in their current motel. It wasn't much but it was more than they usually got from the dives they stayed at.

this would never appeal to me at all right? :P LOL
Cracked Cement Pond
Author:[ profile] wetsammy
Artist:[ profile] meesasometimes
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Yes, there will be porn

so, of course I thought I should stitch some and I did, the indecision came when I started messing with it and adding a background and some photo effects. I figured I sould go grungy and dirty and bad oh so wrong and so on the first attempt I added a bunch of shadow and darkened it up, I liked what it did to the stitching and I didn't even mind that you could see the background threads, I loved the texture of the fabric showing but I thought
Oh, What the Hell, let's try it again.
 photo cracked cement1_2.jpg

the second time I cleaned up the stitching and used a pic with a high flash and really whitened it out. I used a super clean blue pool. I like the effects but it still wasn't right.

 photo cracked cement 2.jpg

....and THIRD TIME'S A CHARM as far as I'm concerned. I used that same clean stitched high flash photo and wet back to my original grittier background, and then I filtered it to look VERY nighttime, very dark and voyueristic and when I added that tile I was like LIGHTBULB moment. YAY!!!! The stitching is less prominent but I think it just works.
 photo cracked cement 3.jpg
 funny enough, usually it's font that I frig around with forever but not this time, the font was easy :)

addition: this is the embroidered piece I started with :)

 photo SAM_6699.jpg
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