meesasometimes: (ghost on the highway)
marianne ([personal profile] meesasometimes) wrote2017-03-02 02:26 pm

100 bloggly thingy. 91

OK back to the top 10 fanvids that tickle my fancy (that sounds wrong), granted there are vids that may be much much better BUT>>> these are my loves and kinks
91...Bad Romance by 30 seconds to mars and vidded by [ profile] fatedcinderella. It's no longer up on youtube but you can dl it at her lj fatedcreations. It's suggestive and wincesty and a smidge violent (maybe more than a smidge) and there is alot of pissed off Dean and REALLY pissed off Sam and all the manhandling and maybe alittle breathe play. Perfect song choice for their fucked up codependant love story.


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