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As is my standing "thing" now when big posting dates come up

SNOWPOCALYPSE!!!!.... steeplechasers applied this phrase to me during mini bang, when I couldn't get my stuff to her cause SNOW and NO POWER for almost A WEEK.

Well people, we're at it again. Posting is coming up for RBB and we're going to lose power. Looks like the blizzard of '15 will start tonight and continue until Wed. morning with 50 mile and hour winds and up to 4 feet of snow.  I've been warned. Power outages are to be expected.

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Wendy and I being happy last week while we were away on a baby making expidition.


Wendy: ummmm, there's a storm trooper walking down the sidewalk
me: umm doubt it
Wendy: no really
me: do you even KNOW what a storm trooper is?
Wendy: I'm turning around
 huh.....what do you know, a fucking storm trooper, and a little Anikan Skywalker too :)
 Went to an Andy Warhol exhibit at our alma matter, it was really cool, A collection of his polaroids. I loved it.

Mt Katahdin was ridiculously beautiful with the bright blue sky and behold in the next photo.....SAM_0331
moose tracks.....!!!! we were up in moose country, sorry I didn't see any mooses tho.

ok....if you all never hear from me again, I love you and you'll be the last thing I'm thinking of before I succumb to hypothermia ♥♥ I have a flair for the dramatic.

.....must go work on plan A.
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I finally caved to buy a re-furbished desktop. I kid you not when I tell you it looks like it's from 1982 and I could successfully land the space shuttle with it. "THE GUY" says that's because it's all custom components. I know he's lying and he just won the LONGSTANDING bet with his buddies to see who could unload this MONSTER. He convinced me it had twice the processing speed as the slim profile hp that was sitting next to it in it's shadow. It looks like it eats those things for breakfast.

It came with free data transfer. YAY!!! I needed that as my life has been locked inside this hard drive for a year. I needed access to my music back and my precious playlists, my podfic, my porn, my Jensen pics. I STRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF ALL THESE THINGS TO HIM. I have NO SHAME where this is concerned. I leave my computer in his trusty hands and go on vacation.

So I have some bad news he says. Your hard drive was shot.

WTF???? No, it's not, you very clearly told me it was my motherboard when I brought it to you a year ago.

Well your motherboard is gone too. I mean I tried for 3 hours on numerous different machines and I couldn't retrieve anything.

I just stared at him. HARD. Until he started to shrink away from me. I had to stop myself from just throwing myself to the ground. It was like I was dead inside....and then he says...I think your life will go on.

Mine will, but I'm not so sure about his.

*I have downloaded 3 different programs and managed to get back 80% of my "illegal" music from my ipod
*I have downloaded my fanvids from my ipod
*I am slowly working on re-uploading all of my cds because for whatever weird reason that is the stuff that ended up in a 5,000 song unknown file
*I have lost my working playlist titles which for the most part where favorite beautiful lines from fanfic that made my Sam/Dean heart sing

This means I must start at the beginning and re-read ALL THE FANFIC for retrieval purposes ;P

*I had ONE THING in my life backed up, this will surprise no-one, 4,305 pictures of Jensen on an 8G zip drive


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