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ok...let's finish this Top 10 of my favorite vids and move on already. I'm in a shitty mood, sorry.
86. Heart That Sits in Your Pocket song Some Racing Some Stopping by headlights and vidded by SecretlyToDream AGAIN!!!! I'm maybe a bit obsessed with her videos. I think I remember once at a convention someone teasing them about making an episode where all they do is exchange looks with each other and I believe it was Richard who was like "oh, that already exists, fans have made that". Cracks me up. Well this is what I thought of when he said that.

(I also love her vids Run and Times and For Blue Skies but this can't be all about SecretlyToDream)

85. Coin Operated Boy by The Dresden Dolls and vidded by [ profile] counteragent
Obessesed. Me. Also the theme of the video. I do not have a shrine like this but it does live in my head. If any of you haven't seen this video please please please, I beg you, watch it, it's so funny and wonderful and amazing what this fandom can do. This is also not at youtube so I am unable to embed it but it is available at her journal.Her summary says :Sam lost his soul this season and is hot but robotic (and arguably not the same character). Dean (and others) really want ensouled Sam back....

I say we all just want a Sam Winchester to play with and take in the bathtub!!! :P
 Note: while I was playing this the baby was sitting at the table banging her spoon along to the song and craning her head to see the computer screen. She IS a Sam Girl. clearly.

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So funny story...I just got a call from my girlfriend who had a funny story for me.
She does home visits sometimes for prenatal and such and anyhoo was bringing a family to an event. The dad and baby were in the back seat of our car and the mom was riding up front.

Dad - Hey buddy, your hair is getting kinda long, you're starting to look like Sam Winchester.
Her - Did you just say Sam Winchester?
Dad - Yeah, you know him, you don't watch Supernatural do you?

blahblahblah, LOL. She's all it's so weird to hear someone who isn't you talk about the show. Thank god I wasn't driving the truck (it's sorta plastered with the boys all over the dash, cause if I'm about to skid off the road in the winter and die I'd like to gaze on Dean as I do also keeps her from driving my truck;) that would have been awkward. Yeah, my partner is totally obsessed with them, she has Dean's name tattooed on her arm, there's a 30sqft picture of him over our fireplace....

ANYHOO, there is a mini Sam Winchester in the making! and that makes me happy X)


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