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ok...let's finish this Top 10 of my favorite vids and move on already. I'm in a shitty mood, sorry.
86. Heart That Sits in Your Pocket song Some Racing Some Stopping by headlights and vidded by SecretlyToDream AGAIN!!!! I'm maybe a bit obsessed with her videos. I think I remember once at a convention someone teasing them about making an episode where all they do is exchange looks with each other and I believe it was Richard who was like "oh, that already exists, fans have made that". Cracks me up. Well this is what I thought of when he said that.

(I also love her vids Run and Times and For Blue Skies but this can't be all about SecretlyToDream)

85. Coin Operated Boy by The Dresden Dolls and vidded by [ profile] counteragent
Obessesed. Me. Also the theme of the video. I do not have a shrine like this but it does live in my head. If any of you haven't seen this video please please please, I beg you, watch it, it's so funny and wonderful and amazing what this fandom can do. This is also not at youtube so I am unable to embed it but it is available at her journal.Her summary says :Sam lost his soul this season and is hot but robotic (and arguably not the same character). Dean (and others) really want ensouled Sam back....

I say we all just want a Sam Winchester to play with and take in the bathtub!!! :P
 Note: while I was playing this the baby was sitting at the table banging her spoon along to the song and craning her head to see the computer screen. She IS a Sam Girl. clearly.

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I feel amazing that I've already made it into the 80's :) Low expectations.

89. What About Everything? by Carbon Leaf vidder emilyreich.... great little video that's just fun to watch. A good compilation of fast moving season clips up through S5. It WILL make you smile I promise.

ooooo...i see she has her own summary:Summary: Whump, crack, and Winchesters: a nostalgic look back on four and a half years of friends, family, hunting, and the apocalypse... because even a show about the end of the world can be optimistic.

88. Dean Winchester - Say Something by A Great Big World vidded by 00Shelly77...Now that I let you enjoy yourselves, I will break your heart. If you don't cry at this, you simply don't have a soul. "Ultimately it was about saving one human right?". *gulp* beautiful fade ins and outs and voice overing and seriously guys I'm crying 48secs in and I'm not sorry about it. Everytime I hear Dean say "Is it true? Did I break the first seal" my heart just cracks open and bleeds for that boy. If there is a more heartbreaking accurate portrayal of the hero/martyr Dean Winchester I dare you to post it.
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If anyone here likes crack as much as me they should go read The Walking Condom !!!!

It just cracked me up this morning :) Jared is knitting Yarn!Jensen into a cocksock. GoNOW!!!

ultimately it led to me being distracted and amused by these:


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It has been brought to my attention that I should do more this:

But Where Would They Live?    by the lovely [ profile] downjune

gnome!Julie/merman!Jensen in the most charming of monster stories ever, where they ride bikes at night and it rains. It's like reading a sweet children's book or  watching an episode of Little Bear....and because I want her to continue to indulge me forever in this sweet verse I "accidentally" prompted her with this :

 Next ep I'd like if they could go to the farmer's market and pick out strawberries and go back and make shortcake and invite Jared & Gen over to eat it... and there will be lots   of politeness :))) & Jensen has to pick ladybugs out of Julie's hair.....omg please stop me.
and got a sequel:

The Company Picnic    in which the first stirrings of young love between very polite monsters is brewing :P

REC anyone?

Nov. 5th, 2012 09:16 am
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 another rec? *gasp*


Title: Halloween
Author: dimeliora
Wordcount: 8,311
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Dean/Sam
Notes: Dean and Sam are working a case when Sam begins to act strangely. I wanted to write a little fic for Halloween, but RL made this a little late.

ok....I just have to throw this rec out here, because this is the second time I've read this author and have loved both fics so much.   It's so classic wincest and just.....ugh, go read it, NOW, you'll see what I mean. Sweet, angsty, funny and just plain wonderful.


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