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Anyone in the mood for some dirty hot wrong weecest? Rhetorical question Woodcock.

Worship [ profile] bluesock5 (who is bluesock5 you ask???? anyone want to fess up?)

if you're like me, you won't stop there, you'll read the whole Undone series!!! it will undo you. :P

Also, can I just thank everyone for their amazing and lovely support of me for the past few days. It means the world, I'd say you can't imagine
but I know you all can. It's just brilliant that I could sit down at my computer all snot nosed and red eyes and sobbing and reach out across the
universe and get what I needed from ALL OF YOU!!!!**HEARTS**
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OK, flist I don't rec very often but I have to rec this story, it just rocked my world, I read it and then I reread it, and then I said what the fuck and I read it a third time. It's by [ profile] viviansface and it's called Those Are the Days That Bind Us ...It is topical of course with the mobster theme and all but it is SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL too with the loveliest turns of phrase. Flist it is for ALL OF YOU, YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIVES!!!!!

Her Summary : Jensen is loyal to Jeff, the mob boss who gave him a job and offered shelter when he needed it the most. He has never failed him, but when he's assigned to keep an eye on the rival mob boss's son, it might as well change, what with Jared being a walking wet daydream.

My sneak peak:
“So you’re a Momma’s boy?” Jensen breathes out, his middle finger sliding in without problem, instantly enveloped in warmth, but not tightness—not yet.

Jared breath hitches in his throat, his chest heaving underneath its weight, jerking towards Jensen, just to be closer, to feel the safety he needs to relax. Jared’s leg over Jensen’s hip is now tense, muscles working hard. Jensen moves his head slightly, lets himself smile a little, a soft reassurance that he wouldn’t do anything Jared would dislike—or anything that would hurt him.

“I’m not a Daddy’s boy, if that tells you anything,” Jared whispers after all, and aside from the given trust, aside from his once again relaxed muscles, that does give Jensen valuable info.

“Whose boy are you?” Jensen asks, adding another finger, burying them deep and fucking him slow and gentle.

Now try and resist tripping over your fingers to click and read this BEAUTIFUL DANGEROUS PIECE OF LIT.
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Ummmm yeah...I just read this and it rocked my world. I do love me some sex pollen and although Dean/Cas isn't usually my "thing", the Dean/Benny is hot like scorching!
Caught Between | Benny/Cas/Dean | NC-17 | ~7k words
girl & wolf
Title: Caught Between (Four Things Benny Teaches Dean, and One He Doesn't)
Pairings: Benny/Dean, Cas/Dean, Benny/Cas/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~7k
Summary: Dean gets whumped by sex pollen in Purgatory. 
Warnings: Spoilers up through Season 8 episode 4. Dubious consent of the under the influence variety. Bloodplay, double penetration.
Beta: The most excellent [ profile] agenttrojie, without whom I would flop all over punctuation like a fish out of water. 
Disclaimer: Not mine, not making $$.
Note: Written for the [ profile] hc_bingo challenge, prompt sex pollen.


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