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Please excuse me while I do some general cleaning up of things. I apparently don't have all my podfic in my journal or in my masterpost or crossposted to where it should go. I'm trying to remedy that.

Let's see.....these two podfics were a gift for the lovely [ profile] colls for [ profile] cakehole_club cake swap this year. They are a couple of shmoopy sweet first-time fics written by the talented [ profile] mollyamory...

Title: One Good Thing
Author: [ profile] mollyamory
Reader: [ profile] meesasometimes
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG13
Warnings: there are feelings and boys kissing
Summary: Sam's acting a little weird. Again. Dean's got a couple of theories. All of them wrong.
podfic cover- one good thing 400
Length: 00:15:25
Download: mp3 (16MB)
Reader: [ profile] meesasometimes
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: consensual sex and angst
Summary: Sam chases Dean until they catch each other.
podfic cover three months 400
Length: 00:11:45
Download: mp3 (10MB)
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I have goals people, one of them is to finish a podfic EVERY WEEK. It's probably excessive and unatainable, but whatevs. The first order of business was to clean up some old recordings I salvaged from my bum laptop. That is what these are. I think I had a bad jack and I worked as hard as I could to clean up that buzz. I thought about ditching them altogether but I can't bear it.

So have a couple of podfics. The lovely [ profile] paxlux was kind enough at one time to tell me "sure, podfic to your heart's content" (I'm sure I'm paraphrasing). She's not active anymore but many of her stories can be found on AO3, like this first one and it's timestamp. The second one, not so much. Now you can see I'm a fan, I've recorded five of her stories, I know it would verge on weirdo stalker status if I did them all and that is the only thing that stops me :P

Title: Wishbone & Bone Splintered (the timestamp) by [ profile] paxlux
Reader: [ profile] meesasometimes
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Download: mp3 at mediafire

Summary: The building’s haunted, the owner pulling up stakes and the car breaks down.
Dean puts a palm on a sigil and the juke whistles, It’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall.

or click here...
wishbone and bone splintered

Title: the flavor of cuts and bruises by [ profile] paxlux
Reader: [ profile] meesasometimes
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Length: 00:08:15
Download: mp3 at mediafire

Summary: since this isn't online I couldn't find an official summary, well, I have it saved to my kindle I think, but I'll just give
an enticement. Sam is hurt, there is kissing. What more do you need?

or click here...
the flavor of cuts and bruises cover
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I bring you dirty dirty porn. That's right, angry possessive top!Sam nasty nasty porn. You have been warned. It's gloriously filthy and hot. I guess I'm broken in and ready for anything now.  When our girl [ profile] wings128 hinted at this recording, I jumped right into it the next morning before I could over think it (and chicken out). I woke up and dove right into the porn deep end :P .....thank you [ profile] alexisjane for saving me from the google image search I was on, it was an endless pit of debauchary.

Title: Mine! by [ profile] wings128
Reader: [ profile] meesasometimes
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Length: 11:09
Download: mp3

or click here....
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this is me...keeping up with resolutions!!! HA! take that New Year!

Happy Birthday [ profile] colls.....this is a podfic that I was working on for the lovely colls for cakehole and didn't quite get my ducks in a row....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Title: Aftermath by [ profile] lyryk
Reader: [ profile] meesasometimes
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: mature
Length: 10:52
Download: mp3

or click here....
podfic cover aftermath
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When Wendy asked what my New Year's Resolutions were I said one word


W- "oh, so you're going to cut back?"
"UMMMMM NO!!! more porn, MORE PORN! more porny embroidery, TONS more porny podfic, more porn"
"and I'm going to do more things I want and less things I don't"

W- "so business as usual then"

*read more porn
*give feedback to podfic
*be a better communicator with authors I'm arting for (I really suck at it)

Everytime I start podficcing a little light goes on in my heart and I'm filled with happiness and glee...I love every aspect of it. I love recording and editing and making the cover art. I need it WAY more in my life.

*did I say read more porn?

Does it appear that my resolutions are all fandom related. Yup. It's true. I want to milk this fandom for everything it's worth while it's here and active and the show is on, cause I know someday it will all be over and it will be like crickets, crickets and I DON'T want to look back and wish I'd done more and loved it more (that's not even possible) but you know what I mean. I FUCKING LOVE YOU GUYS!! I LOVE THIS FANDOM!!

one more thing *fkadsgakghfdjkaghi;ierueioajgkdsjlkdf;jagkdfjkljksjgkjfdskadjg* [ profile] riyku wrote me the most amazing wonderful lovely beautiful crazy J2 institutional spin the bottle fic EVER!!! Seriously, everyone go die over it like I did....there be breathplay *g*


Apr. 8th, 2013 09:55 am
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oh, that's right, I do podfic now, if anyone would like to hear me mangle latin or whisper like a ghost or make grouchy Dean sounds this is where to do it...these were recorded and gifted for the lovely [ profile] applegeuse ...over at cakehole club ... I will pat myself on the back and tell you all I also did my own covers, skills y'all!

This is a trio of podfics featuring Sam/Dean first kisses :)

Title: Ritual
Author: [ profile] paxlux
Reader: [ profile] meesasometimes
Warnings: I make an attempt at a latin phrase
Summary:It's supposed to rain, the wind is picking up and they have work to do.

File Length, Size, & Type:mp3 (13MB/14:35) // m4b (8MB/14:35)

Download Link: mp3
// m4a


Title: Riptide
Author: [ profile] paxlux
Reader: [ profile] meesasometimes

Summary:The windows are cold to the touch. So are the guns.

File Length, Size, & Type:mp3 (11MB/12:20) // m4b (7MB/12:20)

Download Link: mp3 //


Title: here I stand again in this old ‘lectric whirlwind
Author: [ profile] paxlux
Reader: [ profile] meesasometimes

Summary:At the tail of the storm, the sky is breaking wide and there's a funnel forming, spinning slow.

File Length, Size, & Type:mp3 (6MB/6:16) // m4b (3MB/6:16)

Download Link: mp3 // m4a
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 I love podfic!!! I love it to death!! I walk everyday so I can listen to podfic. I listen to it while I work, I can remember listening to certain podfics on vacations and sometimes remember designs and projects by what podfic I was listening to. I have been compelled to add a set of headphones to the mermaid tattoo I'm working on.  I'm addicted to podfic as much as I am to Dean's voice and Jensen's freckles. I have favorite podficcers of course (I once asked [ profile] juice817 if she would consider being the voice to the sexy talking car I may own in the future), and stories I have listened to more than once (I have listened to  'that he will" by [ profile] standing_fic and read by [ profile] countess7 an obscene amount of times and there isn't even any porn IKR?), and a bucket list of fics I hope to someday hear spoken out loud (mostly belonging to [ profile] drvsilla and having to do with Sammy and thumbsucking), I have problems, I know this.
I have hundreds of podfics on my ipod.  1000+ hours worth. I said I was addicted didn't I?  In honor of Pod Aware week, I thought I would do a post a day having some relevance to the art form.
I have recently began to do some podfic beta work for my flistie [ profile] yes, I'm pimping her work out today!!! She's been doing some wonderful  and interesting stuff and I urge you all to check her out! 

Podfic: it's an audio recording of a fanfic, like an audiobook, how awesome is that? Fans from all over put their voices out there so you can enjoy fanfic on the go or just in a different way. To find out more about podfic, why we do it and how to get started, check out  [ profile] pod_aware.

Note: I tried to make links for this post, and we all know I epically fail at that sort of thing, and I infacto did think I failed at it
and then to my amazement the "that he will link" WORKED!!!! YOU GUYS!!!!! IT WORKED!!!!


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