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95. [ profile] big_heart_june...she is hands down one of my favorite things about fandom, sweet and funny and generous of spirit. I feel so lucky to have tripped upon her. She is the one person in fandom I look for everyday and quite frankly my days feel a bit incomplete without her in them now...:)... I look to her for encouraging words and tech savy and to be spammed to death (I will die smiling) and the best recs. She IS my braintwin in every way (well, except that for the priest thing) ;P lol.

Happy Birthday Junebug! May you have a day filled with love and surprise...<3...oh yeah, & I got you these. :P...I know it's your birthday and all, but save me some!!!!!

and because this is relevant....

94. Dean Daily!...[ profile] big_heart_june 's Dean Daily! I could not live without. It is my daily fix. It is how I wake up in the morning, the slideshow to my morning coffee. I hold tight to the hope that should show and fandom ever dissolve into nothingness,  June and the Dean Daily! will be the last remaining vestige. If a zombie apocalypse is upon us I hope to be hunkered down in my attic with my canned goods and eating cold spaghetti o's looking at my Dean Daily! I just don't think this is too much to ask for? XDDD 

to prove my obsessive devotion...I give you this screencap...this is actually how I get to lj everyday, June's journal, well this particular entry to be exact. If she really wanted to mess with me she'd change that picture of that entry I look at everyday :) not that I want to give her any ideas. I just happened to bookmark it for something and the next thing I knew it was on my toolbar and it was an accidental entry point by design. I'm now alittle sentimental about it and can't bear to change it :P See, I'm not just obsessive, I'm sentimental too, I'd make a great serial killer. LOL.


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