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I am leaving for Toronto tomorrow morning...roadtripping thru Maine, camping out, and driving to Toronto
the rest of the way on Thursday. FOR CON FUNTIMES!!! YAY!!! I can't believe it is actually here. I am turning inside out.

I am going to see and squeeze my sweet little [ profile] lavishsqualor. And I'm meeting up with [ profile] meus_venator and I know that [ profile] rockstarpeach will be in attendence and I will spew the fangirl squee all over her. I CAN"T WAIT!!! Tell me what is not awesome about this?

And on Sunday I will get my grabby hands on Jensen Fucking Ackles, and I may or may not totally blackout and not let go of him, it remains to be seen, and I will most likely just stare at him like a weirdo and there will possibly be security involved, I'm just saying I'm not ruling it out. I AM going to attempt to act like a normal functioning human being that does not want to shrink him down with my powerful brain grab him up and stash him in my oversized bag and run. Clone the miniJensens and make millions.  See, I am already failing at this acting thing. :P

Really, I'm aiming for this to be at about a 6 on the 1-10 normal scale, my last encounter topping out at about 2 after he stunned me with his leather jacket of hottness. PROGRESS PEOPLE.

Then we are heading out on Monday to go to Niagara Falls. I really wanna ride that crazy fucking you're maybe gonna die speed boat thingy, but it's going to be SO COLD!!! I guess we'll see.

Also wanna say hello and welcome to my new friends....I love a friending meme....and a superduper gigantic love filled hug of thankyouness to my [ profile] lavishsqualor  for my surprise in the mail filled with strawberry goodness. AND MAPLE CANDY!!! YUMMMY!

[ profile] big_heart_june , don't let anything exciting happen while I'm gone! and if the evil plan comes to fruition the first clone is yours ;D


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