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I feel amazing that I've already made it into the 80's :) Low expectations.

89. What About Everything? by Carbon Leaf vidder emilyreich.... great little video that's just fun to watch. A good compilation of fast moving season clips up through S5. It WILL make you smile I promise.

ooooo...i see she has her own summary:Summary: Whump, crack, and Winchesters: a nostalgic look back on four and a half years of friends, family, hunting, and the apocalypse... because even a show about the end of the world can be optimistic.

88. Dean Winchester - Say Something by A Great Big World vidded by 00Shelly77...Now that I let you enjoy yourselves, I will break your heart. If you don't cry at this, you simply don't have a soul. "Ultimately it was about saving one human right?". *gulp* beautiful fade ins and outs and voice overing and seriously guys I'm crying 48secs in and I'm not sorry about it. Everytime I hear Dean say "Is it true? Did I break the first seal" my heart just cracks open and bleeds for that boy. If there is a more heartbreaking accurate portrayal of the hero/martyr Dean Winchester I dare you to post it.

I miss lj

Jul. 24th, 2013 11:23 pm
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I am busy beyond all measure.....right strung out.

BUT I finally finished designing my wedding invitations and got them ordered.
We have this cute little theme of "Wendy loves Marianne & Marianne loves Wendy"
that we're repeating throughout. When we got to the envelopes, we could choose
a security print for the inside and I suggested this.

My oh so wonderful wife to be said that it should really say

"Wendy loves Marianne & Marianne loves Dean".....and then we laughed, and then she
made me use it for the envelope security watermark. It will be amusing to see how many
people notice it. LOL


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