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my subject line was an homage to Katy Perry, obviously? or not.

6. Your 5 senses right now.
Sight- I'm at my desktop which means I have the full view of my desk, the answering maching on my phone blinking "29""29" over and over, my messy desk with notebooks, gloves, cd's, printer, my Magic Hat Hex Beer caddy filled with important things, Epicuren rose petal hand lotion, a picture of Abe 8yrs?, out the window is a big snowy mess, and taped on the corner of my screen is a pic of Jensen and I where my mouth is forming the word "oh" of the phrase "oh my god" which is all I could say the whole time and he is wearing what I call "the leather jacket of sex". Let's just turn this into a discussion about Jensen's leather jackets shall we :)

  Hearing- Igby (cat) is frantically licking himself and ilia (cat) is wheezing or choking, it's an elderly cat sound anyway, and my dinosaur of an old computer I got tricked into buying is quietly whirring in the background.

  Taste- I'm drinking my morning decaf tea since I've given up caffeine. I think this morning is English Breakfast with a smidge of honey. It tastes like compromise and longing.

Touch- for real, what is anyone touching while their typing at their computers? *G* I hope nothing. I'm turning this into what are you wearing :silk long johns which are my favorite thing to sleep in and my yellow "Sam" hoodie overtop (it's the oval Sam patch on it), I've got my fuzzy wool acorn slippers on too, or I would have frostbite from my cold floors. Yes that has actually happened.

  Smell- This is probably my favorite scent, I'm a sniffer, like a hound dog. I like my laundry to smell Tide fresh, this sweatshirt is NOT however passing that test. Tea has No smell, not like coffee brewing anyway. If I were to put on my Rose lotion right now, it would smell like my grandmother.

7. Pet Hates -
Yes, I have them, I hate being anxious and I hate all the things that can cause me to be anxious (that list is long), I LOVE THE MOVIE THEATRE EXPERIENCE!!!!! but I hate that their are other people in there with cell phones making noise and talking and the sound of crunching popcorn. I hate to listen to other people eat, it doesn't bother me if I'm eating too, I don't know why, but crunchy and slurping noises cause me vast amounts of anxiety. If I ever snap and kill someone it will be because they crunched their cereal, slurped their milk, and held their spoon wrong. This makes the fact that I am hot for Jensen Ackles chewing and smacking and snapping his gum completely preposterous doesn't it. IKR?

 I hate illogical things. I am a very logical thinker, I cannot stand to argue with my wife in her illogical ways. Illogicalness is not a word but it should be....and then I would hate it. I also realize that my previous hate is completely illogical and thus makes this whole point VOID!

I also hate injustice...that's a big concept to hate I know, it's a little tied to illogicalness. This clip sums it up nicely :P I've quoted it a lot in my life.

I also hate those Adidas man flops. I really hate them....and humidity, that too.
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I had an amazing birthday in part thanks to you guys! I feel so lucky and blessed by all of my friends here, some that I've met and some that I haven't and those that transcend all of it, it's an amazing amazing thing.

I had a lovely breakfast where Wendy baked all of my favorite sweet yummies for me, strawberry jelly muffins with a buttery sugary crust on top and apricot creme cheese crescent rolls, and she got my favorite herb bagels from our bagel shop and made green olive creme cheese, and  she made a giant fresh fruit salad with pineapple and grapes and strawberries. It was delish.   All of Wendy's family came and my 5 nieces and nephews and I received ton's of hugs and babylove and gifts boots, Lily Pulitzer notepad and magnets, gift certificates for my bookstore, the art store, my favorite fabric store, a sweet new journal, and the BEST BEST BEST THING EVER.....

A signed copy of my favorite book that was just specially rereleased in limited edition for the 10th Anniversary....Neil Gaiman's Coraline!!!! I picked this book up at my son's bookfair  at school when it first had come out and before I knew who Neil Gaiman was.....oooooo....I just realized that means my original book is a first edition, cool. AND I completely fell in love with the story. I read it over and over, it was just magical and scary and sweet and tapped into some girlhood sense of adventure that I have. I made myself a Coraline doll, I use an aspect of the story (where Coraline peers thru a stone with a hole in it to see spirits) for my business art( hang tags and business cards and such). I really love this book! So now I have this amazing beautifully illustrated hardback in an equally beautiful dustcase, signed my both Neil and the illustrator.....gasp.  It actually had to come across the Atlantic to get to me you guys!!!!!

And we went to the jeweler and officially got our bands and my engagement's getting sized I will show you all soon.

OK the part where I gush about my flist and how I went to sleep the night before my birthday barely able to sleep, wondering how many happy birthdays I would wake up to, and what my birthday post from Junie might be, for real, I don't know what is wrong with me. Well flist you didn't disappoint, you made me whole birthday! Thank yo [ profile] locknkey n [ profile] laraneia or my birthday PM' [ profile] lyryk,[ profile] maerhys,[ profile] meus_venator,[ profile] the_rant_girl n [ profile] smalltrolven or the wonderful v-gifts....(you were right D, I have been wanting that heart :P)

Special thank yous t [ profile] big_heart_june or proving  that she is indeed my brain twin by posting the perfect post of perfectness!!!!....and extra points for the footage of Jensen's and my sextape!..... [ profile] maerhys or posting my hoodie fic that I have been pestering/clamoring for :)...and my sweet littl [ profile] lavishsqualor or dipping her toes into the wonder of the fanmix all for me! I just felt the urge to call you my boo. lol!

I really really love you guys!

......there, I fixed all the lj created typos before and after usernames....I'm a terrible poster.
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Here's what you all really want to hear about right? JENSEN!!!! OH and Jared was there too.

SO for those of you who don't know this, I met the J's at Vancon10.. It was an epic fail, where I blacked out and froze during photo-ops and had to be physically pried off of Jensen. This was no fault of my own. I really don't remember it after he looked at me with that beautiful perfect freckled face and thos sparkly eyes and said hello. That's it. Then the girl in front of my had come back for me and was helping me to find my bag. Very sad day indeed. My goal at that con was to have him sign my arm near my Dean WInchester tattoo, it goes without saying that it didn't happen. It sucked.

SO I vowed for this to be a better experience, one where I "acted like a normal" not a rabid psychotic fan who intends to stalk him. I was unsure about how successful this was going to be, but this year I had a support system extroidinaire in the form of my wifey, l[ profile] lavishsqualor[ profile] simplybeing, and [ profile] heartsowild. I had my photo with Jensen first. I was in line with [ profile] simplybeing. I did alot of deep breathing, there was fleetwood mac playing, this made me happy and relaxed, I felt good. The girl in front of me seemed to know the creation people....she was hugging the photographer, I had a few extra seconds with Jensen. Long enough for me to glomp onto him and say this

Thank you for wearing that henley feels really personal.

Jensen laughs this huge deep sexy laugh and is laughing in our pic (which is adorable, him laughing that is)

oh yeah, and why is that?

Ummmmm because we're big fans of you in the henley?

Jensen laughs again and is just smiling at me after slightly grope his stomach (WHAT?) and walk backwards away.

Well, thank you.

Jesus fucking christ Jensen Ackles....does he  even know? He's wearing a fucking henley for christs sake, of course I'm going to say something stupid. So Either the next time he wears a henley it is all for us, OR we will never see it again and fandom will crucify me. OH PLEASE, I don't have that kind of power!!! ALthough I do like to believe I made the rainbow slinky appear.....just like [ profile] dugindeep make the soccer pics. lol.

We had a J2 shot, Wendy and was uneventful other than I messed up because we were supposed to go me, Jensen, wendy, jared. so that she could get a piece of both the guys. BUT since my defaut mode is just to glomp onto him like alittle limpet, she ended up between me and Jared. oh well.

OK now the moment of all moments....AUTOGRAPHS!!!!! I am ready, sort of, I've got an extra ticket so I can ask Jensen to sign my arm again. I feel it in the air this year, really, I did. I felt so supported and so ready and the con felt so different than Vancon in so many good ways. BUt then there were paramedics, cause the girl in the moose suit passed out and I haven't eaten in like 4 days and I think I'm on the verge too. SO I power barred and I'm good, so good. And there's Jensen and I'm next, Wendy is behind me, then lavish and put my pic down and he's smiling and laughing at it and just looking and then says "this is the epic bike ride day" and I'm just yeah, I liked that pic alot, it was on twitter. (OH GOD) and then he signs it and this is what happens:

Me :Jensen, I have another autograph ticket from my banner, but I have this tattoo...."
J: WOW, that real?
Jensen reaches out AND TOUCHES MY ARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me :ummmmyeah
J: You have an amazing tattoo artist
Me: Yeah she did a great job, I'm really happy with it, actually I have her on standby for Tuesday, if you'd sign my arm...

OK at this point I am going to throw up, I'm shaking like a leaf, Cliff is leaning over Jensen, security is leaning over me from behind, the handlers are all on point. guh.

Jensen looks up shocked.....
J: Seriously? You want to tattoo it?
Me: If you would
J: How do I say no to that?
    WHere do you want it? *meep*
I point to a spot on my arm
Me: somewhere around here

someone says put your arm down on the table, I don't know who. So I do, and then Jensen angles it toward him and then pulls it closer and Wendy said at this point you could see him getting nervous and that he "started to pink up" OMG!!!!! Kill me now, I made Jensen blush, that is the cutest thing in the world. It is possible he was as nervous as I was.

So Jensen manhandles my arm all around and then leans over the table...we're probably just inches away from each other but I never looked up from his hands holding down my arm and then signing it with his little freckled fingers. FUCK!

Jensen: No stress, I feel like I'm a tattoo artist now.

So he signs it and I thank him a million times

Jensen: I wanna see that when it's done

oh god, I can't take much more, I wait for Wendy and she is thanking him too and telling him I've waited years for this and he's just looking at me and smiling and I can't even stand it and I start tearing up and crying and Wendy and are hugging cause for real this is something I 've been wanting forever and it just happened. Just like that! And then comes [ profile] lavishsqualorand we're squeeing and OMG...the best!!!!

SO I see Cliff
, Hey, you, come here. Do you follow me on facebook or twitter? No, well leave me a message and I'll get it to Jensen for you.

Is this really my life right now??????

So then autographs with Jared, where I do NOTHING but talk about Jensen and how he just signed my arm for me and then I say "BUT HOW BOUT THOSE GILMORE GIRLS" yeah. that's what I said to Jared, that and look at my arm Jensen just signed. LOL.

Off to dowtown Toronto with my tattoo emergency....with lavish, [ profile] simplybeing and wendy the wifey. It was AWESOME to have them there with me. Thank you Marcella at Adrenaline tattoo.

AND then the longest night ever where I sat in the lobby with[ profile] lavishsqualor, never wanting it to end and showing my arm to anyone who walked by me too slow. I even had the front desk guys google searching him. :P We topped it off with unexpected fantimes with "Northern Ireland" who shipped Sam/Balthazar, wrote fanfic in secret, and is willing to disassemble himself for Misha Collins.

If only I were kidding.

Fuck Marry or Kill: Season 1 Dean, teenageDean, futureDean ?????? I know, it's a hard one lavish!
I had the best weekend ever, I never wanted it to end, I am thankful and lucky to have such and understanding and amazing wife who let me just fangirl out all weekend with no repurcussions or judgement. She even let another girl into our bed ;P

THis is the story of how Jensen and I soulbonded with a sharpie!!!!


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