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happy birthday to my girl, hope you are having a beautiful day filled with love and friends, it's all I could wish for you. Well that and that Jensen remembers that he was going to give this June chick that everyone is raving about a shout out and so right in the middle of Jared giving him this epicaly hot blow job in the boathouse after they came in from jetskiing (because Jared said his spikey mussed up hair got him hot) he pulled Jared off and was like "hey, will you grab my phone over there, I just remembered something". and so Jared reached his giant arms behind him, grabbed it from off the pool table and stuffed Jensen's dick right back down his throat. "uuuugh, slow down baby, I gotta make a call". Please tell me you get that phone call. Please.

.......and I hope you are having the bestest day ever, you deserve it!!! I love you, I love you, I love you....and if I was there I'd feed you this rlbivob red velvet cake and we'd do it so so good.♥♥
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June's Birthday Meme

Question 1 - Your name -Marianne
Question 2 - When and how did you come to know big_heart_june? - a few years ago (4?)she commented to me on someone's journal that she did a Daily Dean that I should check out and I did and the rest is history
Question 3 - If you had to describe June to someone, what would you say? -I've described June losts of times XD cause she's my "hall pass" and people are very curious as too who I'm holding onto that pass for, lol. I say she darling and funny and all the same kinky as me and I absolutley adore her.
Question 4 - June posts so many nice things, Daily Dean, Just 'Cause, Positively Porny.... Which is your favororite?Well, honestly I get excited when she posts a rec, I run to read them, I KNOW it's going to be my thing (unless it's priest kink lol)....and completely selfishly I'm happy to see a post that says "For my girl M" ♥
Question 5 - What is your favorite kink in fandom and is there a kink out there you never thought you would enjoy until June pointed it out?
good question, I think June introduced me to one of my favorite fics and kinks ever in ponyplay!!! Also I'm pretty sure she has really taken my gum chewing kink to a whole new level. Favorite kinks??? ALL OF THEM!!!! I love me some nasty nasty dirty talk, and gunplay, I mean who doesn't.
Question 6 - Do you have any fic or art recs that you think June would like?
by strive2bhappy...As kids, Dean would make Sam dress up like a girl, and they'd pretend to be husband and wife. The game probably lasted a lot longer than it should have, well into Sam's teens, and now that they're pretty much adults, Sam misses it. Somehow, Dean finds out that Sam still wants to play.

Question 7 - Is there a non-fannish/fannish website or blog that you think June would like?
Question 8 - If you could take June out for the day, what would you do together? -I would wake up before her (cause in this scenario I'm assuming we spent the night together first doing lots of naughty things) and make her blueberry pancakes and we'd take the ghost out for a drive (and I'd make her listen to all my favorite Sam/Dean playlists) ROADTRIP BABY to the ocean where we'd walk on the beach and pick up seaglass and sand dollars and sneak away around the cove to go go skinny dipping. And kiss in the ocean while our noses were cold. AND make a campfire on the beach and feed each other smores, lick the sticky marshmallow and chocolate off each other's fingers.
Question 9 - Your personal message to the birthday girl. -  My Junie, you are forever ever my best girl, you know that right, I know you do. I so look forward to that day I get to turn in that free pass I have and use it on you. You are just the sweetest kinkiest most darling thing and you make me smile every single day. I love you to bits and bits and bits <3 (I'm sorry I'm not around to give you your spanking;P Happpy Happy Birthday Baby♥♥xxxxoooo
And finally - Add a couple of porny pics/gifs that you think will make June smile/swoon/need new panties : )
I'm away and I'm on my laptop so I don't have access to my ridic amount of photos, but  this is my screensaver,lol.

looks like someone is getting ready to get spanked :P

don't worry baby, June and I are coming right back♥

lol I'm stupid, my bad, I made it private!!!!*smacks head*
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best girl [ profile] big_heart_june ....literally I would shrivel up and die if you were not here on lj, I cannot even contemplate this. You are the such a shiny happy place in this fandom and in my life!!!! and you deserve ALL THE CAKE!!! ALL OF IT!~♥♥♥
.....braintwin, please accept this ridiculous post as a token of my undying affection :P

NSFW!!!!! some girl on girl and erotic images coming your way
(I tried so hard to put this under a cut but couldn't figure it out, I know I"ve done it before *sigh*, oh well, I doubt anyone will be scandalized, not my flist)

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images (11)
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everything is shamelessly ripped from the internet, google image search I love you almost as much as my Junie, deviant art artists - I'm sorry for stealing your images, it's flattery of the highest regard :)

June, if you were here I would happily be licking frosting of off your body, just saying...:P
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