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96. Dean/Jo My by Natalie Merchant. Vid by ChtiteParisienne75. Alright I make it no secret that I have a soft spot for one Jo Harvelle and can't help the Dean/Jo shipping that I do. This video is an ode to Jo and her heroic but untimely death featuring a song that is so spot on for her I think Natalie Merchant had a precognitive dream and wrote it about her. The vidder did a great job of moving from b & w to this really great subltle coloring and also I find I'm a sucker for the dialogue voice over (and this one is all echo-y and forboding). I did say I was focusing on Sam and Dean but this will be my only departure, CAUSE JO!!!
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Fic title: Looks Like A Solo Tonight
Author name: [ profile] glovered
Artist name: [ profile] meesasometimes
Genre: femme slash
Pairing: Jo/Bela
Link to fic:

I was surprised and delighted to be paired with the wonderful and incomparable [ profile] glovered on this Jo/Bela sequel for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang. As always she gives us wit and humor and lots of heart and I hope all my Jo girls run to read this :)  I had imaginings of a playlist with coverart as everything I started to listen to just screamed Jo/Bela to me but time was limited this go around. I was going for sort of  fun light hearted classic american tattoo look, unfortuanately googling guns and roses gives you a limited image search due to the band and all, lol.  As always embroidery with some digital magics. Enjoy♥ You can look for a future Jo inspired playlist, IT WILL COME.
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