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They wore matching suits!!!!!

They were so adorable standing out there just basking, I loved seeing them up there.

Jared looked SO nervous,not at all like him....and then smiling at their wives.

now the wait  for Jensen's category *fingers crossed*

Chris Colfer just said he was honored to be featured in fanfiction during his speech,I♥that.
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Happy 1/2 Priced Chocolate Day !!!!

(I took that from someone on facebook, I know y'all approve)

So I got this lovely box of chocolates in pink and green paisley which is my 
favorite color combo and I opened it up to eat one about an hour later (great
restraint on my part I know) and HOLY SHIT!!!! My boy's pretty pretty face
and what appears to my trained eye to be a photo op for Vancon. WHAT???

My honey bought me a photo-op with Jensen and that was a surprise of all
surprises cause I couldn't go last year and ended up giving my photo op away
and had no real intentions of trying again to scrape the $ together to go this
year :(  So I'm either going to Vancon OR I'm staring at this photo op for the
next 25 weeks filled with something like glee and desperation only to give
it away again and sadly live vicariously thru another fangirl who won't give
him the creepy obsessed fan feelings that he so deserves.

Only time will tell. But I am nothing if not determined.
It has occurred to me that this is just a desperate attempt on her part to get me to agree to diet with her...hmmmm

Hey flist, you should all come to Vancouver!!!!


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