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OK back to the top 10 fanvids that tickle my fancy (that sounds wrong), granted there are vids that may be much much better BUT>>> these are my loves and kinks
91...Bad Romance by 30 seconds to mars and vidded by [ profile] fatedcinderella. It's no longer up on youtube but you can dl it at her lj fatedcreations. It's suggestive and wincesty and a smidge violent (maybe more than a smidge) and there is alot of pissed off Dean and REALLY pissed off Sam and all the manhandling and maybe alittle breathe play. Perfect song choice for their fucked up codependant love story.

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my subject line was an homage to Katy Perry, obviously? or not.

6. Your 5 senses right now.
Sight- I'm at my desktop which means I have the full view of my desk, the answering maching on my phone blinking "29""29" over and over, my messy desk with notebooks, gloves, cd's, printer, my Magic Hat Hex Beer caddy filled with important things, Epicuren rose petal hand lotion, a picture of Abe 8yrs?, out the window is a big snowy mess, and taped on the corner of my screen is a pic of Jensen and I where my mouth is forming the word "oh" of the phrase "oh my god" which is all I could say the whole time and he is wearing what I call "the leather jacket of sex". Let's just turn this into a discussion about Jensen's leather jackets shall we :)

  Hearing- Igby (cat) is frantically licking himself and ilia (cat) is wheezing or choking, it's an elderly cat sound anyway, and my dinosaur of an old computer I got tricked into buying is quietly whirring in the background.

  Taste- I'm drinking my morning decaf tea since I've given up caffeine. I think this morning is English Breakfast with a smidge of honey. It tastes like compromise and longing.

Touch- for real, what is anyone touching while their typing at their computers? *G* I hope nothing. I'm turning this into what are you wearing :silk long johns which are my favorite thing to sleep in and my yellow "Sam" hoodie overtop (it's the oval Sam patch on it), I've got my fuzzy wool acorn slippers on too, or I would have frostbite from my cold floors. Yes that has actually happened.

  Smell- This is probably my favorite scent, I'm a sniffer, like a hound dog. I like my laundry to smell Tide fresh, this sweatshirt is NOT however passing that test. Tea has No smell, not like coffee brewing anyway. If I were to put on my Rose lotion right now, it would smell like my grandmother.

7. Pet Hates -
Yes, I have them, I hate being anxious and I hate all the things that can cause me to be anxious (that list is long), I LOVE THE MOVIE THEATRE EXPERIENCE!!!!! but I hate that their are other people in there with cell phones making noise and talking and the sound of crunching popcorn. I hate to listen to other people eat, it doesn't bother me if I'm eating too, I don't know why, but crunchy and slurping noises cause me vast amounts of anxiety. If I ever snap and kill someone it will be because they crunched their cereal, slurped their milk, and held their spoon wrong. This makes the fact that I am hot for Jensen Ackles chewing and smacking and snapping his gum completely preposterous doesn't it. IKR?

 I hate illogical things. I am a very logical thinker, I cannot stand to argue with my wife in her illogical ways. Illogicalness is not a word but it should be....and then I would hate it. I also realize that my previous hate is completely illogical and thus makes this whole point VOID!

I also hate injustice...that's a big concept to hate I know, it's a little tied to illogicalness. This clip sums it up nicely :P I've quoted it a lot in my life.

I also hate those Adidas man flops. I really hate them....and humidity, that too.
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I'm not gonna say that the moment I heard from the con footage what cologne Jensen Ackles is wearing currently that I looked it up on line and saw that it is OBSCENELY expensive....but that you can get the teeniest tiniest little samples for dabbing on your pillowcase and sending you to happy dreamland for only$4...shut up!

Because that would be creepy and weird and obsessive but not in the least bit stalkerish....

DO Not JUDGE Me!!!!!! I'm just here to tell you flist that he smells fucking fantastic!!! and I did this all for you guys, cause inquiring minds wanted to know....and I'm a giver like that.

Your welcome.


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