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96. Dean/Jo My by Natalie Merchant. Vid by ChtiteParisienne75. Alright I make it no secret that I have a soft spot for one Jo Harvelle and can't help the Dean/Jo shipping that I do. This video is an ode to Jo and her heroic but untimely death featuring a song that is so spot on for her I think Natalie Merchant had a precognitive dream and wrote it about her. The vidder did a great job of moving from b & w to this really great subltle coloring and also I find I'm a sucker for the dialogue voice over (and this one is all echo-y and forboding). I did say I was focusing on Sam and Dean but this will be my only departure, CAUSE JO!!!
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....flist, have you seen it?

SO this is my [ profile] spn_30snapshots prompt table. I know, WTF??? Well with all this art stuff I am trying to do, I thought some practice wouldn't hurt, hence, this. Of course I have a soft spot for Dean/Jo and so what the hell, I picked the kinky prompts and I'm going to make some kinky hot art, the dirtier and nastier the better, just the way I like it.

I hope.

I feel the need to apologize for the het, "I'm sorry flist".


01. role play 06. say my name 11. heated 16. wax play 21. voyeurism 26. biting
02. blindfold 07. lubrication 12. toys 17. barebacking 22. phone sex 27. rimming
03. gags 08. mirrors 13. deep-throating 18. fingering 23. self-love 28. moaning
04. public sex 09. bathing 14. lick 19. sharing clothes 24. restraints 29. latex
05. afterglow 10. dirty talk 15. breath play 20. teasing 25. jealousy 30. begging

note: this banner/header thingy...I made it. Come here, boy...borrowed from Imogen Heap.
I admit to the possibility that this will all go terribly awry :P


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