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96. Dean/Jo My by Natalie Merchant. Vid by ChtiteParisienne75. Alright I make it no secret that I have a soft spot for one Jo Harvelle and can't help the Dean/Jo shipping that I do. This video is an ode to Jo and her heroic but untimely death featuring a song that is so spot on for her I think Natalie Merchant had a precognitive dream and wrote it about her. The vidder did a great job of moving from b & w to this really great subltle coloring and also I find I'm a sucker for the dialogue voice over (and this one is all echo-y and forboding). I did say I was focusing on Sam and Dean but this will be my only departure, CAUSE JO!!!
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Hello new friends and old. I promised a post that did not involve porn, one that was about me and stuff, even tho porn is a very important part of my life. Let's see, I live in Maine with my wife, we've been together for 18 years and were just able to get married this past fall. Yay us. I have a son who just left for college this year so I'm a total empty nester. I wake up in the morning and get my decaf coffee and plop myself in front of my desktop and peruse lj for a bit. That is my usual lj time. I read a ton, everything and anything, I haven't really met a kink that squicks me out.  I'm a complete Sam/Dean girl, they're my OTP forever and ever and ever, but I've been on a J2 kick for a while. I guess I've found that I love really dark SPN fic and really sweet shmoopy J2. Usually. But I don't pigeon hole myself into anything.

I love threesomes, moresomes, Jo Harvelle, Robo!Sam, angsty Dean/Lisa fic, I ADORE weecest and Stanford fic.
I have a kink for concussions, laundry (white tees and the smell of Tide), gunplay, genderswap, ponyplay, and I adore adore Fairie!Dean. And for reasons that completely elude me three of my favorite fics take place in a psychiatric hospital (but I refuse to call this kink, it's simply a coincidence). It is, really.
I listen to a ton of podfic, a ton, and sometimes I like to pretend I'm a podficcer. And I record podfics. It is my goal this year to make it "a thing". I'm going to start by actually posting the podfic I've recorded, so stay tuned.


let's see, is there any other pertinent information? I have three Dean tattoos. That is how I love him. I have "Dean Winchester" on the inside of my upper arm (done in what I call the fandom style of HOWL!verse by paxlux for any of you who have read that verse), I have a badass Dean portrait on my forearm and next to it I have Jensen's signature (thank you Jensen Ackles for finally indulging me in this).  It's what I call my triumvirate of bliss....oh, and I have a white '66 4 door impala that I call Ghost. That's her in my icon.

the end

I've unleashed enough crazy on you haven't I?   special shout out to my favorite thing about fandom, my girl [ profile] big_heart_june who I love for days and days and days ♥

scan0006my wife and I on the best double date ever
WM Wedding SM-3216getting my wedding hair done & tattoos (2 birds one stone) WM Wedding SM-3914me & ghost on our wedding day
scan0001the first time I met Jensen I froze and babbled and had to be bodily removed from him, hey, the Ackles effect is a real thing.


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