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They wore matching suits!!!!!

They were so adorable standing out there just basking, I loved seeing them up there.

Jared looked SO nervous,not at all like him....and then smiling at their wives.

now the wait  for Jensen's category *fingers crossed*

Chris Colfer just said he was honored to be featured in fanfiction during his speech,I♥that.
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SO I have had a craptastic week. My computer froze and is in the "hospital" having reconstructive surgery.

My sweet baby boy (he's 16 but still my baby), left for Costa Rica, and due to some STUPIDITY OF THE FUCKING AMERICAN AIR LINES, he missed a connecting flight and the group/chaperone/ADULTS he was connecting with, and consequently spent 16 hours ALONE overnight at the Miami airport until he could fly out the next day. Worst case scenario come true for a Mother and the longest night of my entire life.
And because the universe likes to give me a shit patty and then stick a cherry on top of it....later that day I went to see Cory Branan at a dive bar in Boston. I love him. And I made shirts. And I walked across the street after 3 hours on the phone with my crying child to see him standing outside the bar smoking a cigarette. And he saw the shirt. And lost his mind over it. And TWEETED IT!!!!!!! And stood looking at it 
fovever and ever, and wanted to guess what each little icon was. And ASKED if he could hug me. And took
pics with us and signed our shirts and listened to me cry about my lost little boy. And said not to worry that someday it would just be a really cool adventure that that happened when he was 16. And promised to play my favorite song for me, and not only did he play it, but he said...and I'm quoting here..." So yeah, before I forget, Marianne made these (that's right he said my name at the show)...Marianne made these awesome T-shirts, on the front is said Hey so what, which I guess is her favorite song? I don't really think much of it, but  she likes it, and then on the back are all these little pictures like 32 of them or something and each one is a reference to one of my songs, like there's a magic 8 ball, and a lemon tree, and shit. I'm just so flattered and touched and I think it's one of the coolest things I've ever seen so I'm gonna play this song for her"
Cory branan ‏@Corybranan

Mari Ann's homemade Cory Branan shirt! Hint: every pic references a song. This makes me very happy. 


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