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They wore matching suits!!!!!

They were so adorable standing out there just basking, I loved seeing them up there.

Jared looked SO nervous,not at all like him....and then smiling at their wives.

now the wait  for Jensen's category *fingers crossed*

Chris Colfer just said he was honored to be featured in fanfiction during his speech,I♥that.
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   PART 1 -" How I almost squeed with fangirls until that little blue book pissed on my parade!"
  My bf of like 30 years says "What's this creation stuff, don't you want to go and meet the boys, did you know they were going to be in...." .  I realized she must be surfing the internet and I explain the conventions to her blah blah blah, and I'm all as much as I want to see the boys, what I really want is to hang with fangirls.  You can't imagine how unfufilling it is to not be able to squee over the show with anyone.
  Her-  "So how would you do that?"
  Me-  "For instance, a bunch of fangirls are getting together in the UK for a 100 episode thing"
  Her-  "Why can't I find that online?"
  Me-  "cause it's like a fangirl thing, you'd have to be on lj"
  Her-  "You should totally go"
  Me-  "You did hear me say UK, right"
  Her-  "So, you should go"
  Me-  "Yeah right"
  Her-  "Why not, when is it."
  Me-  "in a couple of weeks"
  Her-  "Are you busy?"
  Me-  "I think you're missing the point"
  Her-  "Well you do have a 40th birthday coming up and I'd love to give this trip to you" (I'd hardly say coming up...I have 9.5 months left give or take and she's only 8 months younger than me I reminded her)

A few hours later, she had used her frequent flyer miles, (and she has lots cause she travels internationaly for her job) and booked me a flight to London for Friday and I was on the website looking at the Wincester Royal and checking for a room and trying to figure out how I was going to get there from London, and flailing and OMGing and convincing myself that I was a big girl now and could totally do this on my own. When I think where's my passport.  I used it to get across the border into Canada last summer, I know it's around, I find it and open it and *GASP*
it expired March 21 2010...WHAT the F?

PART 2- "How to make lemonade out of a piss parade"
  So after that heartbreak and realizing that 3 weeks was just to close to try and renew my passport, she grilled me on all the upcoming events last night....this morning about 20 minutes ago the phone rings.
  Her-  "So you've got a first class ticket to Vancouver in August and somekind of Silver ticket thingy"
  Me-  "You're kidding me!"
  Her-  "I know you always wanted to find the gold ticket in the wonka bar, but Silver was the best they had left"
  Me-  "Again missing the point"
  Her-  "We meet up in Phoenix for the second half of the flight"
  Me-  "You're coming with?"
  Her- "You know how much I love Sam"...*sarcasm*(although was impressed that she knew his name)
  Me-  "You're going to lose all remaining respect for me when I turn back into a 13 year old girl"
  Her-  "You think I have some left?"
  Me-  "You have just solidified your gold star status as my best friend...oh, make that silver star"

PART 3- "How I obsess about what to have autographed for the next 5 months"


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