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I feel amazing that I've already made it into the 80's :) Low expectations.

89. What About Everything? by Carbon Leaf vidder emilyreich.... great little video that's just fun to watch. A good compilation of fast moving season clips up through S5. It WILL make you smile I promise.

ooooo...i see she has her own summary:Summary: Whump, crack, and Winchesters: a nostalgic look back on four and a half years of friends, family, hunting, and the apocalypse... because even a show about the end of the world can be optimistic.

88. Dean Winchester - Say Something by A Great Big World vidded by 00Shelly77...Now that I let you enjoy yourselves, I will break your heart. If you don't cry at this, you simply don't have a soul. "Ultimately it was about saving one human right?". *gulp* beautiful fade ins and outs and voice overing and seriously guys I'm crying 48secs in and I'm not sorry about it. Everytime I hear Dean say "Is it true? Did I break the first seal" my heart just cracks open and bleeds for that boy. If there is a more heartbreaking accurate portrayal of the hero/martyr Dean Winchester I dare you to post it.
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hut up right????really just shut up...I have Dean fucking Winchester on my arm. She knocked it
out like a fucking Rock Star. RIGHT? OMG!!!! I am in serious love here.
I just stare at my arm like a wierdo...cause even upside down the way I see it, It's just ugh.

Here's my shop story...I have an appointment and this girl bless her heart has had to deal with
email after email from me for a week with different contrast versions of this pic. I am waiting for
an email back from her like "Bitch this looks exactly like the last 5 you sent" SERIOUSLY.
So I go into the shop and all the guys accost me, who's this guy what movie is this from? And
apparently there was quite some talk about the size of his package :) Jealous much. 

SO....Autumn is drawing up the stencil and the guys are like :

What's that ink under your arm?

Me: It says's Dean Winchester, you know *points to stencil*...that guy.

Oh my god!, you're totally ob-...*silence*
(the guy, the owner of the tattoo shop stops mid sentence like a deer in headlights)

Me: You were gonna say obsessed *lol* XD...HA!!!...yeah, I am. I mean I glad those guys are
thousands of miles away so I don't have to follow them around and dodge restraining orders.

And so he starts laughing and is like "I'm glad you're being such a good sport about it, I mean 
everybody has their thing" blah blah...and then the guys kept coming back while she was 
working and looking at it and saying "what do you like about this guy besides his package" and 
"ooooo I'm a badass marlboro man", "it's his second gun, his flesh-gun"
....they were totally ridiculously intimidated by Dean Winchester
in tattoo form. And I understand that. And 2 out of 3 of the guys watch the show. FOR REAL??

It was all pretty hilarious. So to end things theys say "If that guy doesn't sign your arm after this he's a 
complete douchenozzel....or he's busy callling for security"...obviously their words and not mine, but
Jensen,...listen up!

Anyway...It's stupid amazing right? I'm in freaking love with it!


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