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I had an amazing birthday in part thanks to you guys! I feel so lucky and blessed by all of my friends here, some that I've met and some that I haven't and those that transcend all of it, it's an amazing amazing thing.

I had a lovely breakfast where Wendy baked all of my favorite sweet yummies for me, strawberry jelly muffins with a buttery sugary crust on top and apricot creme cheese crescent rolls, and she got my favorite herb bagels from our bagel shop and made green olive creme cheese, and  she made a giant fresh fruit salad with pineapple and grapes and strawberries. It was delish.   All of Wendy's family came and my 5 nieces and nephews and I received ton's of hugs and babylove and gifts boots, Lily Pulitzer notepad and magnets, gift certificates for my bookstore, the art store, my favorite fabric store, a sweet new journal, and the BEST BEST BEST THING EVER.....

A signed copy of my favorite book that was just specially rereleased in limited edition for the 10th Anniversary....Neil Gaiman's Coraline!!!! I picked this book up at my son's bookfair  at school when it first had come out and before I knew who Neil Gaiman was.....oooooo....I just realized that means my original book is a first edition, cool. AND I completely fell in love with the story. I read it over and over, it was just magical and scary and sweet and tapped into some girlhood sense of adventure that I have. I made myself a Coraline doll, I use an aspect of the story (where Coraline peers thru a stone with a hole in it to see spirits) for my business art( hang tags and business cards and such). I really love this book! So now I have this amazing beautifully illustrated hardback in an equally beautiful dustcase, signed my both Neil and the illustrator.....gasp.  It actually had to come across the Atlantic to get to me you guys!!!!!

And we went to the jeweler and officially got our bands and my engagement's getting sized I will show you all soon.

OK the part where I gush about my flist and how I went to sleep the night before my birthday barely able to sleep, wondering how many happy birthdays I would wake up to, and what my birthday post from Junie might be, for real, I don't know what is wrong with me. Well flist you didn't disappoint, you made me whole birthday! Thank yo [ profile] locknkey n [ profile] laraneia or my birthday PM' [ profile] lyryk,[ profile] maerhys,[ profile] meus_venator,[ profile] the_rant_girl n [ profile] smalltrolven or the wonderful v-gifts....(you were right D, I have been wanting that heart :P)

Special thank yous t [ profile] big_heart_june or proving  that she is indeed my brain twin by posting the perfect post of perfectness!!!!....and extra points for the footage of Jensen's and my sextape!..... [ profile] maerhys or posting my hoodie fic that I have been pestering/clamoring for :)...and my sweet littl [ profile] lavishsqualor or dipping her toes into the wonder of the fanmix all for me! I just felt the urge to call you my boo. lol!

I really really love you guys!

......there, I fixed all the lj created typos before and after usernames....I'm a terrible poster.
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Happy Birthday to me...cause what a great birthday was had! I celebrated at home with my extended family. Made Phili cheesesteaks and greek pasta salad and had funfetti cupcakes and a gooey chocolate orange cake in the crockpot with vanilla bean ice cream. It was ALL YUMM!  And I opened presents, MANY presents...

* Season 6 blueray and homemade caramel popcorn from my sister-in-law and fam
* Certificate for a pedicure and international coffees from my OTHER sister-in-law and fam
* Zebra slippers and oil pastels and mini canvases and supplies from my brother-in-law and his wife
* my other half got me SPN anime, an appointment for my next tattoo (YAY, now I must definitively choose one), a lovely 
scrimshaw bookmark
made with reclaimed fossilized ivory from a woolly mammoth tusk...AND an overnight trip to Boston
in Feb. to see Laura Veirs play at a little club in Cambridge, with dinner at the fondue place and breakfast at Au Bain.

Ridiculous right????  

We then hung out at home to watch the show....Oh thank you Supernatural, are you airing tonight just for me??

* then left and spent the weekend at a little Bed and Breakfast about a half hour away (Happy Birthday gift from my besty)!!! and had a fabulous weekend alone with no teenage son, no barking dogs, no phone ringing, no cats crying, alone in a creepy old place with lots of weird staircases and rooms  (it was very Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Haunted Old Library). Went to the ocean ate good pizza, played dominoes. Did not wanna come home.

Must also mention this gift. The mother-in-law, who after 17 years I like to think I do have a fairly good relationship with even tho she drives me batty, and shockingly none of our issues have anything to do with "me turning her daughter gay" (we got past that phase pretty quick I think, probably due to the fact that it's so clearly not tru)...I'm off topic and venting here, I can tell. She got me 
a gift card for 3 oil changes for my car at Sears.

Now while she is known for giving practical gifts, last year you may all recall that I opened underwear that I held up for all my family to see, I do not own my own car. I work at home, and my spouse travels ALOT for her job, and I just don't really need my own car. Is that car in both of our names? Yes, and sometimes I ride in it when we go out, or to the grocery store, or a roadtrip, it's the family car sort of. I can count on one hand the number of times I have ever driven it. Perhaps we are a bit codependent and never go anywhere without each other (that fact is not lost on me)....but that car is not my car.  I am Sammy here in this scenario. I do not give a rat's ass about that car. EVERYONE knows that I sold my truck that I no longer really needed and am saving up for a something special. Something like a muscle car. Something like an Impala. So this gift was clearly not for me. It was for her daughter. So I opened it, looked disbelievingly at the front, peeked inside the at the gift card, looked at the reciept that was taped to the back and promptly handed it to my spouse. "Here you go". 

Passive Aggressive gift opening for a passive Aggressive gift.

I would like to thank all my flisties for my Birthday wishes that just helped to make my day!!! I love you all :)


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