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I was overwhelmed, OVERWHELMED, by the love that got shown to me on lj.....and let me all tell you it means alot to me, my birthday has always been a favorite day of mine, my mother was always really over-indulgent with me on my birthday, for her it was just as much her day as it was mine, like it's the day she had me, it changed her life, wait, who's day is this anyway??? lol. No,but in a good way. Anyway, my mom has been gone for quite a few years now, the first birthdays without her were really hard, I've been trying to create a new normal for this day. This year I think it really happened and it's completely thanks to you guys!!!!!!!

Ready, cause this is like giving an oscar

I wanna thank every single lovely person on my flist whether you remembered my birthday yesterday or not, quite frankly it's what you give me EVERY SINGLE DAY of the year that matters.  But alas, the people who did remember, they get all the cookies (or cupcakes)...thank you for the wonderful posts and picspams :[ profile] knew just what I wanted, [ profile] casey28 so obviously boyfriends, [ profile] alexisjane how many rewatches is too many? I may have a problem, [ profile] herminekurotowa I'm not letting soapy Dean out of my shower, [ profile] beelikej keep on keepin' it classy ;P, [ profile] firesign10 BALLOONS!!!, [ profile] milly_gal I look forward to more GOT (do you even know how many more characters you have to draw???), [ profile] cassiopeia7 so much **sparkliness**.

Thank you [ profile] the_rant_girl who was brave enough to sing Buffy to me, even tho I'm happy just to listen to her giggle.

ALL the CUPCAKES in the WORLD to [ profile] ephermeralk who wrote me the most lovely goreous J2 ponyplay. If you missed it go now, even if you think it's not your thing you're wrong, trust me, it's your thing.... it's kinky but filled with sweetness and gentleness and affection and a lovely backstory, and :) a happy ending:)...... Take Me Home

[ profile] big_heart_june you are my girl, just like I'm yours, you made me an absolute epic post with porny soundeffects and video and gifs and pics and obviously gave me everything I could ever want.  It was like birthday extravaganza all day from you, it was almost like you were here. I ♥ You a ridiculous amount. It's kind of weird :P

Thank you [ profile] dimeliora, [ profile] namichan89, [ profile] emmatheslayer, [ profile] saltandburnboys, [ profile] rockstarpeach, [ profile] viviansface, [ profile] smithkingsley, [ profile] katstark, [ profile] wings128, [ profile] hugemind, [ profile] applegeuse  & [ profile] deanshot for the PMs and shoutouts....and[ profile] heartsowild for taunting me with strippers....and speaking of strippers....thank you to [ profile] somersault_j to the virtual gift of the limo that's going to drive our drunk out of control asses around stripclub to stripclub (I like this virtual fantasy alot) and thanks you [ profile] meus_venator for the cuddly puppy to snuggle when stripper!Jensen's paid time is up and I'm left crying and bereft, and lastly [ profile] wings128 for the fuzzy heart "it's SOOOOO FLUFFY" I'll be crying into. It's almost like you guys got together and planned that :P LOL Don't worry tho, I'm crying now, but I'll always have the memories.♥♥♥

If I forgot someone or messed something up in this post, I apologize from the bottom of my warm fluffy heart, it was alot to keep straight (I have a flow chart you guys)
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You guys...YOU GUYS!!!! I love you all♥ I had just the best birthday a girl could have yesterday♥

I don't want to brag, but I had the fucking best birthday and it's partly because of you guys )

This post is getting long, I think I'll do my thank you's in another♥♥♥ and then you can look forward to what my kid calls the "pet paparazzi" shots. lol.


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