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This year I decided to try something different. As always I based my choice on "INSPIRATION"!!! :)
This is how I came to be paired with the sweet and patient [ profile] t_eyla who allowed me pretty much free reign on
all my wacky and flip floppy ideas and I ventured out of my box to art for a sweet high school trope, a Dean/Cas fic called
Hamburger Is Not A German Word.

I quickly envisioned a mixed media approach and knew it would work well with color and lend itself to fun and creativity.
My author was very patient with me thankfully, you all know of course that I have a sweet new baby girl at home
and am just getting used to motherhood again. It doesn't lend itself to alot of ME time to say the least.

In the end I started thinking about a shadow box, kind of a 3D travel postcard. It was fun. I used an
antique map of the German city Freising to help with the buildings, cut everything out of watercolor paper and
painted it, pencils, markers, school glue, hot glue, string, tape....all the usual suspects for an elementary
school childs project :)))) I cut up a little glittery hat from a bachelorette party to make the fireworks (yes, those are fireworks)
and tried assorted lighting techniques with mini mag lights.


I would like to thank [ profile] beelikej for all her fabulous papercutting and lighting she does, I'm sure it inspired me, my patient patient trusting
writer [ profile] t_eyla who is trusting me blind and has pretty much NO idea what this art looks like, she wrote a sweet and touching HAPPY fic that really gives the feeling of being in another country (Germany) , you all will love it........ and the irreplacable [ profile] wendy whom none
of us could live without!!!!!!

also my wife and son who are so paitent and understanding when I'm putting our lives on hold to "play" and making me dinner and snacks
and holding the flashlights, couldn't do it without them.
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YAY!!! My first Big Bang art post EVER!!! So exciting. I was thrilled to be able to pick up this charming, lovely, dark story by [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l called A Little Bear and His Wolf. Jensen is an adorable troubled shifter bear and Jared is his concerned hot shifter wolf teacher and it reads to me like a J2 Grimms fairytale and how wonderful is that?

Never having done art before I wanted to just play to my strengths and do what I know. So I designed and stitched the title banner on linen and went for that fairytale feeling.
A little Bear and His Wolf Banner
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