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I wanna thank you girls SO FUCKING MUCH!!! If I could just squish all your faces♥♥

Wendy and I have good news to report.

Miraculously we were able to secure another adoption loan. Today we signed and notorized our adoption contract and
sent it off with a BIG FAT CHECK!!! Adoption fees are covered. 25K.

Any further donations and help for this adoption of our sweet little Kansas bambino, will help with travel and legal.
Baby is due on Christmas Eve. We will have to fly to Kansas a week before, rent a car for a month, pay for lodging(we have
found a lovely, we hope, family to rent a room from, and wait for the legal to process to take the baby out of state, then
fly home. That's 6 one way tickets across the country. EEEEEEK. So we're not out of the woods yet, no, we are, but it's still
kind of dark and the birds are eating the breadcrumbs LOL.

I seriously love you guys, EVERYSINGLE ONE OF YOU!!!! I swear I believe in the power of intent and in the universe to
hear it. It's like you created a tulpa you guys, a nice one that is giving a baby to me.

(and I haven't had to sell my impala yet, I was seriously considering it ;((((()
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Marianne & Wendy's Adoption Dreams are in your hands!!!

That's right, this is our GoFundMePage.

I know many of you on my flist have been following our baby adventure, and some of you know that Wendy and I were chosen by a birthmom (in KANSAS people), to be the lucky mommies of her sweet baby. This is amazing news, we were thrilled beyond all imaginings, like over the moon and back. Her sweet little bi-racial baby is due on Christmas Eve. How amazing, how beautiful, what a gift to us. We haven't know what to do with ourselves, dreaming of spending Christmas holidays in Kansas watching our baby be born.

We got the contracts in the mail and went to our bank to finalize our equity loan. We have a FUCK TON of equity in our house and were completely unprepared for the news we got today that we were denied our loan. Having had to purchase a new car last month hit our credit score and we don't meet their criteria anymore. We have been to bank after bank. We are paniced and devestated and heartbroken and this is our last hurrah. After crying our eyes our all day we came home to my cousin making us a GoFundMePage. It's worth it to me to try every avenue. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

You can go to our page and read can click on the link and look at our adoption profile book at Shutterfly.

We are praying that someone is out there who can help us, I've seen this community come together and it always amazes me how one drop in a bucket leads to another and what a difference it makes. I love all of you♥


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