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If anyone here likes crack as much as me they should go read The Walking Condom !!!!

It just cracked me up this morning :) Jared is knitting Yarn!Jensen into a cocksock. GoNOW!!!

ultimately it led to me being distracted and amused by these:


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Just wanted to pimp this new community started by our [ profile] beelikej!!!! I have the art bug so I was quite excited :)

A recent multi fandom project showed there are a lot of authors wishing for art to go with their stories and a lot of artists with a desire to create. Both were not sure how to approach each other. I hope to bring y'all together in this new Supernatural art-community: quicky_bang!
The main challenge is for authors to offer short stories to artists to illustrate, but there is also a corner for art-prompts and a meet up post for collaborations. Sign up, join in, spread the news!

[ profile] quicky_bang
Round 1: submit short stories until April 30th; create art before May 31st
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so I have a super fun new project I'm working on, inspired by My Ideal Bookshelf.

I think it started as a coffee table book thinging and has kind of gotten out of control, famous people and their "ideal bookshelves".

but since I've gotten my watercolors out and I'm such a fucking  book whore I thought that would be a fun thing to paint........
I knew I would have to add some fanfic "books" in there.....
fuck "real" books, it should just be ALL MY FAVORITE FANFICS ♥

So I've been compiling a list of fav fic, do you even know how hard this is to narrow down????, and making mock ups of imaginary book spines for them all. It's been super fun. When I have it nailed down, lol, that's never going to happen, I will paint them on GIANT paper and have my fic with me forever and ever and ever. I even plan on putting a few cd's on this shelf in the form of PODFIC. YAY!!!!

This is how am getting myself back.
Man I feel like I've been missing.
Is 40 too many? and how many times can I repeat a writer without looking obsessed?

♥ all your stupid faces

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I'm having a total brainfart.
what's the fic series that's done kind of behind the scenes episode by episode leading up to the wincest???

like dating for dummies or dating in the dark or winchester's guide to dating?????
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So I was talking about how absurd it is that Supernatural is still on the air. Not bad absurd but really thinking about how it long it is. And what else has been on that long. As far as primetime dramatic series.

Here is the answer guys:
Longest running primetime show (not a dramatic series) - Meet the Press 68yrs.

Longest running Soap - Guiding Light 57yrs.

Sesame Street  46yrs.

Saturday Night Live 41

so now there are soaps, and sports shows, and PBS and news casts and but no dramas nothing telling a weekly story yet until......
The Simpsons - 26 years of "eat my shorts"
and then finally an actual drama with like actors and stuff. sort of?
Power Rangers - 22yrs.

 So here we go for real
ok ok ....the longest running primetime drama is a tie
Law & Order / Gunsmoke - 20yrs each
Lassie -17ys
Law & Order SVU -16
ER and CSI - 15
Bonanza and Knot's Landing -14
Dallas - 13
a bunch have hit the 12 mark like NCIS, NYPD Blue, and Murder She Wrote.

so yeah, that's like it. SUPERNATURAL IS CRAZY.  AND we are not on one of the power three networks. Now I don't need 20 but I'm now goaling for 16. It's a great number to go out on. Sweet 16.

drive by

Oct. 4th, 2015 08:48 pm
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Wendy - I read this on facebook....

men are like pantyhose.
they either run, cling, or don't fit quite right in the crotch

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Everyone, I am almost home. I am at least in Maine and have wifi so I'm doing some quick catchup.

Just wanted to signal boost THIS......

Denver convention is nearing and the lovely [ profile] silverraven has an available seat next to us for sale, it's Gold.
The tickets were generously purchased by her last year for my wife and I and her and a mutual friend of ours
who is unable to go. So come and join our foursome, or just sit next to the three of us and ignore us, we don't care :P

She lives in Denver and is generously offering accomadations to anyone purchasing this ticket. I haven't even
met her yet, but what a sweetie. I love fangirls.

Hey flist, come have fun with me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm eagerly anticipating meeting [ profile] sleepypercy there too, hmmmmmm who else is going to Denver????

edit: it's been brought to my attention that her post is flocked but if anyone is interested I'll happily pass on info and be a go between, I love to be
sandwiched in the middle of anything. WHAT??
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Wendy and I celebrated last night and went out to eat which we very rarely do, cause quite frankly she's an amazing cook....

(walking thru the parking lot of Texas Roadhouse)

Wendy: It smells like Chris Kane out here, yum

(I'm just looking at her weirdly) I mean meat (stutter) I mean steak....I don't know why I said Chris Kane

HILARIOUS!!!! Yes, Texas Roadhouse most definately smells like Chris Kane's meat. (still laughing my ass off about that)
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I'm really irritated that someone took a bite off my ice cream, lol....also if it's hot enough for that white tank, why am I wearing the winterhat?
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I wanna thank you girls SO FUCKING MUCH!!! If I could just squish all your faces♥♥

Wendy and I have good news to report.

Miraculously we were able to secure another adoption loan. Today we signed and notorized our adoption contract and
sent it off with a BIG FAT CHECK!!! Adoption fees are covered. 25K.

Any further donations and help for this adoption of our sweet little Kansas bambino, will help with travel and legal.
Baby is due on Christmas Eve. We will have to fly to Kansas a week before, rent a car for a month, pay for lodging(we have
found a lovely, we hope, family to rent a room from, and wait for the legal to process to take the baby out of state, then
fly home. That's 6 one way tickets across the country. EEEEEEK. So we're not out of the woods yet, no, we are, but it's still
kind of dark and the birds are eating the breadcrumbs LOL.

I seriously love you guys, EVERYSINGLE ONE OF YOU!!!! I swear I believe in the power of intent and in the universe to
hear it. It's like you created a tulpa you guys, a nice one that is giving a baby to me.

(and I haven't had to sell my impala yet, I was seriously considering it ;((((()
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Marianne & Wendy's Adoption Dreams are in your hands!!!

That's right, this is our GoFundMePage.

I know many of you on my flist have been following our baby adventure, and some of you know that Wendy and I were chosen by a birthmom (in KANSAS people), to be the lucky mommies of her sweet baby. This is amazing news, we were thrilled beyond all imaginings, like over the moon and back. Her sweet little bi-racial baby is due on Christmas Eve. How amazing, how beautiful, what a gift to us. We haven't know what to do with ourselves, dreaming of spending Christmas holidays in Kansas watching our baby be born.

We got the contracts in the mail and went to our bank to finalize our equity loan. We have a FUCK TON of equity in our house and were completely unprepared for the news we got today that we were denied our loan. Having had to purchase a new car last month hit our credit score and we don't meet their criteria anymore. We have been to bank after bank. We are paniced and devestated and heartbroken and this is our last hurrah. After crying our eyes our all day we came home to my cousin making us a GoFundMePage. It's worth it to me to try every avenue. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

You can go to our page and read can click on the link and look at our adoption profile book at Shutterfly.

We are praying that someone is out there who can help us, I've seen this community come together and it always amazes me how one drop in a bucket leads to another and what a difference it makes. I love all of you♥


Jun. 30th, 2015 02:07 pm
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[ profile] elwarre 's SPN  Hellatus & Heatwave Survival - sharing meme....and go!

1. A favorite fic featuring your OTP- Easy To Fool When You Were In School by [ profile] road_rhythm (lj wouldn't let me insert user the little bitch)....anyway, it's set around Mystery Spot, Dean finds out that Sam wants him and proceeds to act like a little shit about it. LOVE LOVE LOVE

2. A favorite fic featuring your NOTP- Keeping the Stars Apart by[ profile] dotfic..... I left a comment in 2011 that said this... sometimes Dean/Cas just breaks me...and this is one of those times. You gave them such a palpable connection here that I just latched onto and could really feel throughout the fic.

???? maybe I meant it literally breaks me, I can't even imagine, lol. I mean I do have 2 destiel fics saved in my memories, it's embarrassing

it was really lovely.

3. A favorite genfic- ???? I don't think I have read enough to ever claim a favorite. oh wait, I came across this in my memories....Let the Dust Settle by [ profile] fleshflutter, some crack in which Dean is a dust bunny, lol. It says genfic so there.

4. A fic that drew you outside your comfort zone- I'm not sure this is a thing? My comfort zone is so so large. BUT....I'm going to say this crossover by [ profile] sophiap, it's a Supernatural / Watership Down crossover, and I love love that story so much I was a bit like NO NO Don't do it, but I can't resist either....Hunter and Prey

5. A fic that's gotten less attention than you think it deserves- Easy, Your Children Will Come At You With Knives by [ profile] steeplechasers. It's her Sam/Dean minibang, and yes, I DID do the art work for it, but that's neither here nor there. It's so creepy and underage wincesty, it's EVERYTHING!!! I'm still alittle bit obsessed about it and pretty much everything else she's ever done.

6. A fic that made you cry- Ten Thousand Miles by [ profile] mimblexwimble *crying just thinking about it*....also there was this story by [ profile] fatebegins, J2 infidelity fic that DESTROYED ME!!! I can't find what it's called, her fic is locked on AO3 to members only :( oh, I found it, it's called It Never Gets Easier

7. A fic that made you laugh- You think this is hard? Try being the Michael Sword - that's hard! by [ profile] maskedfangirl....a serious piece of crack, Sue Sylvester is the next choice for the Michael Sword, and she doesn't appreciate this misogynist apocalypse! If you have any affection for GLEE, you will laugh too!!!XD

8. Your favorite trope and a fic that features it- omg, this is like the opposite of fair, how do I ever pic a favorite trope??? I love gunplay, Iron Hard by [ profile] veronamay is my goto...and Lit by[ profile] philomel, underage shotgunning, guh...I guess these are more kinks than tropes, sue me.

9. The weirdest fic you ever loved- The Tale of the Snail by [ profile] tryfanstone....but there was also this fic I read once where Jensen was a fire hydrant??? OH WAIT I HAVE IT!!!! Designs on You by [ profile] iminyurface, a remake of Toy Story in which the J2 universe is turned into sextoys, Danneel is a pair of nipple clamps, JDM is a whip, you get the idea....and Jensen becomes enamoured with and buys The Jared.  If there is someone who hasn't read this sweet charming HILARIOUS story they should RUN. NOW.

10. Fill in the blank catagory because I can't think of anything else- Crows by [ profile] twilightshours - summary: Sam's fading and there's no one there to stop him. gory freeky wonderful painful FULL of imagery that just will rip you apart
The Roaring of Lions, the Howling of Wolves by
[ profile] wanttobeatree - what even??? I think I like horror and gore more than I know....
and because I completely cop to having some kind of weird concussion kink...Boundaries by [ profile] dimeliora and a favorite from a writer I really miss in fandom Simple As That by [ profile] bewaretheides15
Warnings: first time, some comeplay (should I just make this a standard warning on all my fics?), temporarily-deaf!Dean, moderate angst, lots of schmoop
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Fic title: Looks Like A Solo Tonight
Author name: [ profile] glovered
Artist name: [ profile] meesasometimes
Genre: femme slash
Pairing: Jo/Bela
Link to fic:

I was surprised and delighted to be paired with the wonderful and incomparable [ profile] glovered on this Jo/Bela sequel for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang. As always she gives us wit and humor and lots of heart and I hope all my Jo girls run to read this :)  I had imaginings of a playlist with coverart as everything I started to listen to just screamed Jo/Bela to me but time was limited this go around. I was going for sort of  fun light hearted classic american tattoo look, unfortuanately googling guns and roses gives you a limited image search due to the band and all, lol.  As always embroidery with some digital magics. Enjoy♥ You can look for a future Jo inspired playlist, IT WILL COME.
solo 3
solo icon 1 100 solo icon2 100 solo icon3 100
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happy birthday to my girl, hope you are having a beautiful day filled with love and friends, it's all I could wish for you. Well that and that Jensen remembers that he was going to give this June chick that everyone is raving about a shout out and so right in the middle of Jared giving him this epicaly hot blow job in the boathouse after they came in from jetskiing (because Jared said his spikey mussed up hair got him hot) he pulled Jared off and was like "hey, will you grab my phone over there, I just remembered something". and so Jared reached his giant arms behind him, grabbed it from off the pool table and stuffed Jensen's dick right back down his throat. "uuuugh, slow down baby, I gotta make a call". Please tell me you get that phone call. Please.

.......and I hope you are having the bestest day ever, you deserve it!!! I love you, I love you, I love you....and if I was there I'd feed you this rlbivob red velvet cake and we'd do it so so good.♥♥
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June's Birthday Meme

Question 1 - Your name -Marianne
Question 2 - When and how did you come to know big_heart_june? - a few years ago (4?)she commented to me on someone's journal that she did a Daily Dean that I should check out and I did and the rest is history
Question 3 - If you had to describe June to someone, what would you say? -I've described June losts of times XD cause she's my "hall pass" and people are very curious as too who I'm holding onto that pass for, lol. I say she darling and funny and all the same kinky as me and I absolutley adore her.
Question 4 - June posts so many nice things, Daily Dean, Just 'Cause, Positively Porny.... Which is your favororite?Well, honestly I get excited when she posts a rec, I run to read them, I KNOW it's going to be my thing (unless it's priest kink lol)....and completely selfishly I'm happy to see a post that says "For my girl M" ♥
Question 5 - What is your favorite kink in fandom and is there a kink out there you never thought you would enjoy until June pointed it out?
good question, I think June introduced me to one of my favorite fics and kinks ever in ponyplay!!! Also I'm pretty sure she has really taken my gum chewing kink to a whole new level. Favorite kinks??? ALL OF THEM!!!! I love me some nasty nasty dirty talk, and gunplay, I mean who doesn't.
Question 6 - Do you have any fic or art recs that you think June would like?
by strive2bhappy...As kids, Dean would make Sam dress up like a girl, and they'd pretend to be husband and wife. The game probably lasted a lot longer than it should have, well into Sam's teens, and now that they're pretty much adults, Sam misses it. Somehow, Dean finds out that Sam still wants to play.

Question 7 - Is there a non-fannish/fannish website or blog that you think June would like?
Question 8 - If you could take June out for the day, what would you do together? -I would wake up before her (cause in this scenario I'm assuming we spent the night together first doing lots of naughty things) and make her blueberry pancakes and we'd take the ghost out for a drive (and I'd make her listen to all my favorite Sam/Dean playlists) ROADTRIP BABY to the ocean where we'd walk on the beach and pick up seaglass and sand dollars and sneak away around the cove to go go skinny dipping. And kiss in the ocean while our noses were cold. AND make a campfire on the beach and feed each other smores, lick the sticky marshmallow and chocolate off each other's fingers.
Question 9 - Your personal message to the birthday girl. -  My Junie, you are forever ever my best girl, you know that right, I know you do. I so look forward to that day I get to turn in that free pass I have and use it on you. You are just the sweetest kinkiest most darling thing and you make me smile every single day. I love you to bits and bits and bits <3 (I'm sorry I'm not around to give you your spanking;P Happpy Happy Birthday Baby♥♥xxxxoooo
And finally - Add a couple of porny pics/gifs that you think will make June smile/swoon/need new panties : )
I'm away and I'm on my laptop so I don't have access to my ridic amount of photos, but  this is my screensaver,lol.

looks like someone is getting ready to get spanked :P

don't worry baby, June and I are coming right back♥

lol I'm stupid, my bad, I made it private!!!!*smacks head*
[ profile] big_heart_june
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Anyone in the mood for some dirty hot wrong weecest? Rhetorical question Woodcock.

Worship [ profile] bluesock5 (who is bluesock5 you ask???? anyone want to fess up?)

if you're like me, you won't stop there, you'll read the whole Undone series!!! it will undo you. :P

Also, can I just thank everyone for their amazing and lovely support of me for the past few days. It means the world, I'd say you can't imagine
but I know you all can. It's just brilliant that I could sit down at my computer all snot nosed and red eyes and sobbing and reach out across the
universe and get what I needed from ALL OF YOU!!!!**HEARTS**

love meme

May. 17th, 2015 07:04 pm
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I'm somewhere around here if you wanna leave me love...I'm having the best time going thru the meme :)
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got my first choice over at big bang and my brain is humming with ideas....Hi author wherever and whoever (or whomever), this is why you are the writer not me, you are!!!!


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