Feb. 27th, 2017

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OK. I'm going to go completely fucking crazy this week and give you a top 10 Sam/Dean SPN fanvids list. I'll save my personal wackadoo for later and give you guys a break. This is completely opinion and based on nothing other than the counter on my ipod. SPN only, I'll save J2 for a different time. This is REALLY easy for me as I have some crystal clear favorites, I can't help it. You'll see a trend that it's a bunch of sappy heartbreaking wincesty early season stuff. I can't help what does it for me. I guess I go to my vids when I need a dose of that epic love story stuff ♥ But first these three.....

97. My favorite Sam/Dean video hands down. I know you'd think I'd save it for the end but no, I'm coming out swinging here. If my ipod decided to start to eat itself from the inside out I would hope it would save this video for last! It only has like 3,000 views and half of them are probably mine, I'm embarrassed for myself quite frankly. This IS NOT one of those sappy epic love story vids *SHOCK*, but it is one that I have watched for sheer pleasure so many times.

would you please (sam + dean) ...song is Polite Dance Song by The Bird & The Bee and the vidder is killjoykitten.
  Basically Dean can't help his smoldering ridiculous sex appeal and Sam can't help but look. Dean does a lot of slow motion blinking and Sam licks his lips and swallows a lot. Features include Dean gagged, both boys tied up, Sam in a towel and also humping the bed, and Dean looking so sinfully delicious I want to lick my screen. Let the screen lickage ensue....

96. Not as We.avi....song is Not as We by Alanis Morisette and the vidder is ancasta.
  So these next two are a pair. Because this is a Season 5 finale reaction vid. This song, this vid, this is how I dealt with that stupid heartbreaking finale. It was a hard time in my life in general and Kripke's flipping plot was NOT helping things. It's straight forward, not much to say, but this song fits SO SO well Dean's state after Sam went to hell it's like Alanis wrote it for him. I feel this way about alot of songs (I know everything isn't about Sam & Dean..or is it?) but sometimes for me it is. I still shed a tear EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear this song in the car (because I have a lot of mixed tapes that this will pop up on, I wallow a lot). features include childhood flashbacks that will hurt, that Dean Bobby moment in the junkyard that will tear your heart out, brotherly flashbacks that will remind you of everything Dean has lost, and stargazing that I think is supposed to give a moment of hope but really takes the heart you have laying on the floor and throws it in a blender to become a smoothie.

95. So I'm dead. And this is heaven....song is Blue Skies by Strays Don't Sleep and the vidder is you make me feel ♥.
 This is a Season 6 Episode 1 reaction vid. GUH. You will see that I must love to have my heart broken into tiny little bitty pieces. But sometimes wallowing in it is all I can do. These two episodes are just a mishmosh of terrible emotions for me that I don't think I've ever gotten over. It took a long time for me to accept that souless sam plot (well it took some hot porn is what it took) but it's always been a challenge for me to embrace all that Dean pain. These two videos both helped create and fix it. LOL. Features include voice over BECAUSE I AM A SUCKER FOR THE VOICE OVER EFFECT!!!! black and white... and tears (my tears of course) but lots of them, just know they are there.


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