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  • 98.BACON .... since it has already come up in conversation today, I give you bacon. This is a bit of a story but the long and short of it is that I once "innocently" read a fic (and I'm so sorry I can't link you) where Sam walks in on Dean letting Bobby's dog give him a pretty thorough tongue bath.  Dean's a bit embarrassed, Sam's a bit turned on and they get rid of the dog and Sam happily takes over "blowing" Dean's mind.  

At the very end of the fic Sam looks at Dean questioningly and licking his lips "Bacon?" and of course Dean replies with (and I'm ad-libbing here) "how else do you think I got him intrested in doing that?"                                                                                                                                          

LOL forever !!!! I laughed at the sight or thought of bacon for months. It is now a common thing I say if I taste something funny or can't figure out a flavor. Bacon can no longer be taken seriously in my home. The Christmas before last my honey gave me a bacon wallet. Long live Dean with his Bacon flavored cock. 
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