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  • 100. Fairy!Dean

this art by [ profile] maichan seriously?? I love!!!!  So much so that I left this comment:

*gasp* 'Gossamer' is my second favorite thing in fandom ever, for realz, I have it printed out and in a binder like a 13yr old girl. I have been tempted to add a blue wing to my Dean tattoo in honor, I seriously have problems in the form of fanfic.

So this is an uberfan fangirling the shit out of you right now for this. It's amazingly perfect and I am just beyond, seriously, *flail*.

I made it crystal clear I love this RIGHT?

now I haven't tattooed that blue wing yet (but let's face it I haven't ruled it out exactly) but in serious fangirl homage fashion I do wear this around my neck!!!! My own little fairy!Dean wing :) fairy!Dean is also the name of my tiny ipod shuffle.

Gossamer by leonidaslion and The Sky Was Full of Wings by [ profile] locknkey two of my favorite reads that really ping my love for fairy!Dean. One is quite dark and the other quite wonderful and anyone who knows these writers can guess which is which :P

I fear that by the end of this fangirling extravaganza I will have confirmed my crazy in the mind of all of you. I think I may change the tag of this to "100 Chance to Scare off your Flist"

update: I lost that wing necklace when we packed to move last year but because fairy!Dean is still an important thing to me Wendy replaced it this year for my birthday :)))))))....also I can see it in my photo op with Jensen against my black dress and it makes me weirdly happy. AND I still don't have this tattooed on me yet but don't think for a second it's not going to happen.
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